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Monography on Micheline LO

Quite comprehensive text, dedicated to Micheline LO, structured in 7 chapters: Ch. 1 - Before the pictorial eruption
Ch. 2 – First cosmological prelude: the plural brain
Ch. 3 - « I paint the cerebral landscape »
Ch. 4 – Second cosmological prelude: the living formations
Ch. 5 – Living formation and writing
Ch. 6 - Les Chemins des écritures
Ch. 7 - The fulfillments of the Chemins des écritures
The author situates Micheline LO as a cosmogonic painter, whose art « resonates » with the scientific conceptions of her time, influenced then by biology, and in particular by living formations.

He also draws a parallel between Micheline LO's painting and the properties of writing in general.

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The living formations - Micheline LO PDF (83 pages)

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